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Ted Stalets has, for decades, been interested in emerging technologies, as well as the Internet. Ted Stalets has a post-graduate degree in mass communications from the University of Illinois. From the time of his first Radio Shack TRS80 computer in the late 1970s, he has developed a deep respect for the evolving computer revolution, and more recently, the Internet revolution. An avid futurist, he was featured in a Nashville newspaper in 2005, in an interview focusing on his extensive collection of emerging technology domains and websites. Ted has built several hundred Internet websites dealing with emerging technologies (robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, virtual reality, etc.) geared for the non-technical person. He is serving as co-President of Vote World Parliament ( https://VoteWorldParliament.org ) and as Literary Agent for the book – Rescue Plan for Planet Earth – located at http://RescuePlanforPlanetEarth.com .

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